The Designs

                                                                                IMG_0032    Cottage Garden Pattern 

In this pattern the colors blend from dark to light. The pattern requires many different fabrics to achieve a smooth blending of color.

Stonybrook PatternIMG_0053

This pattern has elements of the cottage Garden pattern. There is an undulating effect created by repeats of smaller blended groupings.

Arrowhead PatternIMG_0047

This pattern features alternating arrowhead shapes of dark and light which combine in the center to form a mid-range color mix.  It can also be woven with two alternating color groupings in the same value if the colors are distinct from each other.

slater&fringeHit or Miss

This is a random weaving of a selected group of fabrics.  The only pattern that is dicernable may be a strategic placing of an accent color.



This is a new pattern in 2014.  Elements of other Designs are placed on a Hit or Miss background.  Colors for the accents are chosen from the the background mix.

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