Welcome to the Studio page. I have included a few photos of my workplace surroundings, along with some "process" shots. The studio takes up exactly half of the 30 ft x 30 ft barn, along with the attached kiln building, as shown below.


IMG 0001.JPG



The first photo shows the burners in the side of the kiln.  I have since taken the kiln apart and moved the burners to the front and  back as seen in the second shot. Each firing takes 11 or 12 hours. The final temperature is  approximately  2350F (cone 9 - 10).



bisque shot.jpg

I fire all my work in two firings. The initial firing is called a "bisque" or "biscuit" firing, and is not nearly as hot as the final "glaze" firing. This strengthens the raw pieces enough to be handled more easily during the glazing process. 


It takes me about 2 months to make enough work to fill a bisque load.  As you can see from the first photo, The work must be very carefully, but densely, stacked for the bisque load. For this reason, I can get two or more glaze loads from each bisque load. The pieces in the glaze load cannot touch, so they take up much more room.




Although we try to keep the store as tidy as possible, the days just before a big show can make that goal difficult!

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 I work alone, but pint sized helpers occasionally wander in.....